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1989 Topps #130 Gerald Perry NM-MT Atlanta Braves Baseball Card

1989 Topps #130 Gerald Perry NM-MT Atlanta Braves Baseball Card

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Introducing the highly coveted 1989 Topps #130 Gerald Perry baseball card, featuring the talented first baseman from the Atlanta Braves. This meticulously preserved card is graded as NM-MT (near mint to mint), ensuring its exceptional quality and value.

Depicting Perry in a classic Braves uniform, this card captures a moment of his impressive career. Perry is well-known for his excellent hitting and remarkable fielding skills, making him a fan favorite during his time with the Braves.

Crafted by Topps, a renowned producer of collectible sports cards, this 1989 gem boasts a striking design and exceptional attention to detail. The front of the card showcases Perry's vibrant image, displaying his focused stance at the plate. The crisp colors and sharp edges truly highlight the card's pristine condition.

Flip the card over to explore the back, where you'll find a wealth of valuable information about Perry. From his career statistics and accomplishments to his biographical details, this comprehensive overview enhances the card's allure and historical significance.

Whether you're an avid collector, a dedicated Braves fan, or simply appreciate the artistry of sports cards, the 1989 Topps #130 Gerald Perry NM-MT Atlanta Braves Baseball Card is a must-have addition to any collection. With its outstanding condition and rich historical value, this card exemplifies the timeless appeal of baseball cards and the legacy of one of the Braves' greatest players.
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