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1990 Score #556 Ken Dayley NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card

1990 Score #556 Ken Dayley NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card

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Introducing the 1990 Score #556 Ken Dayley NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card, a fantastic collectible item for avid baseball enthusiasts and card collectors alike. This card, which features the talented pitcher Ken Dayley from the St. Louis Cardinals, is in near mint to mint condition, guaranteeing its superior quality and value.

Ken Dayley, known for his exceptional skills on the mound, enjoyed a successful career in Major League Baseball, making this card a must-have for any dedicated fan. The front of the card showcases a vibrant image of Dayley in his Cardinals uniform, capturing the essence of his pitching prowess and confidence. Additionally, the card is accentuated by the renowned 1990 Score design, capturing the essence of the era and immersing collectors in nostalgia.

As a near mint to mint card, this piece has been carefully preserved and maintained, displaying minimal signs of wear and tear. With sharp corners, crisp edges, and vibrant colors, it exemplifies the attention to detail that collectors truly appreciate. Whether you're a dedicated Ken Dayley fan, a supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals, or simply a lover of baseball history, this card embodies the spirit of the sport and adds a touch of excitement to any collection.

Investing in this 1990 Score #556 Ken Dayley NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card not only adds value to your collection but also allows you to own a piece of baseball history. This card makes for a cherished keepsake, whether displayed in a protective case, exhibited on a collector's wall, or shared among friends and fellow collectors.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this exceptional card featuring Ken Dayley in his prime years with the St. Louis Cardinals. With its superior condition, stunning design, and historical significance, it is the perfect addition to any baseball card collection. Celebrate the legacy of Ken Dayley and the St. Louis Cardinals with this exceptional collectible that will stand the test of time.
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