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1989 Upper Deck #339 Darnell Coles NM-MT Seattle Mariners Baseball Card

1989 Upper Deck #339 Darnell Coles NM-MT Seattle Mariners Baseball Card

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The 1989 Upper Deck #339 Darnell Coles baseball card is a fantastic addition to any Seattle Mariners fan's collection. This card showcases Coles in his prime as a member of the Mariners, capturing his dynamic presence as a reliable and talented player. The card is in near mint to mint condition, ensuring its impressive quality and durability. The front of the card displays a vibrant, high-resolution image of Coles in action, illustrating his exceptional athleticism and skill. The Upper Deck brand is renowned for its sleek and professional design, making this card aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing.On the back of the card, you'll find comprehensive player information, including Coles' career statistics, personal details, and highlights of his playing style. This provides fans and collectors with valuable insight into Coles' contributions to the game and his impact on the Seattle Mariners franchise.This Darnell Coles baseball card is not only a fantastic memento of an accomplished athlete, but it also holds great investment potential. As part of the rare 1989 Upper Deck series, this card is highly sought after by collectors and fans alike. Its condition, exquisite design, and connection to a memorable era in Mariners baseball make it a valuable addition to any sports card collection or display.Whether you're a dedicated Mariners supporter, a baseball enthusiast, or a passionate collector, the 1989 Upper Deck #339 Darnell Coles baseball card is a treasure worth acquiring. It captures an iconic moment in sports history and celebrates the achievements and impact of one of Seattle's beloved players.

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