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1989 Topps #60 Tom Brunansky NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card

1989 Topps #60 Tom Brunansky NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card

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The 1989 Topps #60 Tom Brunansky NM-MT St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card is a highly collectible piece that any baseball card enthusiast would be proud to add to their collection. This card features the talented outfielder, Tom Brunansky, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals during the late 1980s.

The card displays a crisp and vibrant image of Brunansky ready to swing his bat, showcasing his incredible athleticism and baseball skills. The photo is surrounded by a classic Topps design, with the player's name and team logo prominently featured.

The card is in near-mint to mint condition, meaning it has been well-preserved over the years. It has no noticeable wear, creases, or damage, and the corners are sharp and intact. The centering is exceptional, adding to the overall appeal and value of the card.

Tom Brunansky had an impressive career in Major League Baseball, known for his power hitting and strong outfield play. He was an integral part of the Cardinals' lineup during his time with the team, providing consistent offensive production and excellent defensive skills.

Owning this 1989 Topps Tom Brunansky card is not only a great way to celebrate the career of a talented player, but also a wise investment for any collector. As the years go by, the value of this card is likely to increase, making it a coveted item among sports memorabilia enthusiasts.

Whether you are an avid collector or simply a fan of Tom Brunansky or the St. Louis Cardinals, this 1989 Topps Baseball Card is a must-have addition to any collection. Its excellent condition, iconic design, and the significance of the player it showcases make it a truly remarkable piece of baseball history.
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