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1992 Upper Deck #252 Tony Pena NM-MT Boston Red Sox Baseball Card

1992 Upper Deck #252 Tony Pena NM-MT Boston Red Sox Baseball Card

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The 1992 Upper Deck #252 Tony Pena NM-MT Boston Red Sox Baseball Card is a highly sought-after collectible for avid baseball fans and collectors alike. This card comes from the prestigious Upper Deck brand, known for its quality and attention to detail.

Featuring Tony Pena, the talented catcher who played for the Boston Red Sox, this card captures a significant moment in his impressive career. Pena was known for his exceptional defensive skills and ability to handle a pitching staff with ease. This card showcases Pena in his iconic Red Sox uniform, making it a must-have for fans of the team.

The card is in near-mint to mint condition, guaranteeing its authenticity and overall pristine appearance. It has been well-preserved, ensuring that the stunning visuals and vibrant colors remain as they did when it was first produced. This makes it a valuable addition to any baseball card collection.

The front of the card displays a striking image of Pena in action, poised and ready to make a play. This captivating photograph is complemented by the sleek design of the card, featuring the iconic Upper Deck logo and elegant typography. The back of the card provides additional information about Pena's career statistics and highlights, allowing fans to delve deeper into his accomplishments.

Whether you are a dedicated collector or a passionate fan of the Red Sox, the 1992 Upper Deck #252 Tony Pena NM-MT Baseball Card is an essential piece for your collection. Relive the excitement of Pena's time with the Red Sox and admire the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Upper Deck is renowned for.
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