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1989 Topps #25 Frank White NM-MT Kansas City Royals Baseball Card

1989 Topps #25 Frank White NM-MT Kansas City Royals Baseball Card

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The 1989 Topps #25 Frank White NM-MT Kansas City Royals Baseball Card is a highly sought-after collectible item for avid baseball card enthusiasts and avid fans of the Kansas City Royals. This meticulously preserved card features the legendary Major League Baseball second baseman, Frank White, in his iconic Royals uniform.

The card showcases a stunning full-color action shot of White during his prime, highlighting his exceptional athleticism and skill on the field. The photo is complemented by a sleek design, featuring the Topps logo and White's name and team affiliation prominently displayed.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this card is in near mint to mint condition, ensuring its quality and value. It is free from any major flaws or imperfections, possessing sharp corners, crisp edges, and vibrant colors. This NM-MT grade further enhances its desirability and makes it a great addition to any serious collector's arsenal.

Frank White's illustrious career spanned over 18 seasons with the Kansas City Royals, firmly establishing him as a franchise legend. Renowned for his defensive prowess, he won eight Gold Glove Awards throughout his career, solidifying his reputation as one of the finest second basemen to have ever played the game.

Aside from his defensive skills, White was also a consistent offensive contributor, boasting a career batting average of .255, with over 2,000 hits and almost 1,000 runs batted in. His exceptional performance on both offense and defense played a significant role in the Royals' success, including their World Series championship in 1985.

Owning the 1989 Topps #25 Frank White NM-MT Kansas City Royals Baseball Card allows fans and collectors to commemorate the stellar career of this beloved baseball icon. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or integrated into a comprehensive collection, this card serves as a tangible connection to the illustrious history of the Kansas City Royals and the remarkable legacy of Frank White.

This card is a must-have for any dedicated baseball card collector, Kansas City Royals fan, or admirer of Frank White's contributions to the sport. Its pristine condition, coupled with the enduring popularity of both the player and the team, ensures its long-term investment potential and its ability to evoke nostalgic memories for years to come.
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