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1989 Donruss #2 Mike Marshall NM-MT Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Card

1989 Donruss #2 Mike Marshall NM-MT Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Card

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This is a detailed product description for the "1989 Donruss #2 Mike Marshall NM-MT Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Card." Relive the glory days of the Los Angeles Dodgers with this iconic baseball card featuring the legendary player, Mike Marshall. Released by Donruss in the highly sought-after 1989 collection, this card remains a timeless collector's item for any baseball enthusiast. Crafted with precision, the card showcases an exceptional NM-MT (Near Mint to Mint) condition, ensuring that it has been carefully preserved over the years. The front of the card displays a vibrant image of Mike Marshall in action, capturing his charismatic presence and dynamic playing style. Adorned in the famed Dodgers' blue and white jersey, Marshall truly embodies the team spirit that made the franchise a perennial powerhouse during the late 80s. As you flip the card, the back reveals a treasure trove of statistical information and career highlights. From Marshall's stellar batting average and home run record to his sublime fielding skills, every aspect of his contribution to the game is comprehensively documented. Immerse yourself in the numbers and accolades that cement Marshall's status as a true baseball icon.This card embodies the essence of the 1989 Donruss collection, which is hailed for its exceptional design and quality. The glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the visual appeal and making it a standout addition to any sports memorabilia collection. Whether you're an avid collector, a die-hard Dodgers fan, or simply appreciate the rich history of the sport, the 1989 Donruss #2 Mike Marshall NM-MT Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Card is a must-have item. Its rarity, impeccable condition, and significant value will make it the centerpiece of your collection and a source of pride for years to come.Please note that the actual product you receive may vary slightly in appearance from the image shown, as variations can occur during the printing and packaging process. Rest assured, however, that the card you receive will match the advertised NM-MT condition.